The Worship Kenbook - Your Resource to Build a Powerful Praise and Worship Ministry


Ken?? what exactly does that mean?

'Ken' is a tiny word with massive meaning:
  • Range of knowledge
  • Span of insight
  • Perception
  • Understanding
  • Cognizance


Really? So Kenbook is not something about Barbie’s boyfriend?!


The Worship Kenbook has been written to provide inspiration, artistic insight, fresh perception, and expand your span of insight and knowledge–about praise and worship ministry.

This book will challenge you as a worshiper, and guide you to take your praise and worship ministry forward, to a higher level.

8 reasons why you should read The Worship Kenbook

Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned praise and worship minister, this book has something for everyone. This comprehensive guidebook will help…
1. cultivate an authentic life of worship
2. create inspired set-lists that consistently come to life in corporate praise and worship sessions
3. make the most out of your rehearsals
4. go beyond using only songs to worship
5. deliver fluid praise and worship sessions prayerfully and artfully
6. engage with your congregation and facilitate people to connect with the Lord
7. mentor others
8. lead God-pleasing, Trinitarian worship
And more!

Take a look at what others are saying

peter-silas"I would challenge any one of you to read this book and tell me you were not able to connect in some way! ...worship ministers, you now have clear principles to help guide you..."

- PETER SILAS, Author of "The Prophecy of the Sacred Cross", USA

"The Worship Kenbook" is not just another 'how to' on Christian worship but God's prophetic message delivered to both the parishioner and the worship leader with a great sense of passion to it."

- YOHAN PERERA, Founder of The Virtual Preacher, Sri Lanka.

alastair 2"a comprehensive guide to both the spiritual and practical aspects of leading worship, gleaned from many years of experience.  It is a true gem and it will prove a great resource for worship teams"

- ALASTAIR VANCE, worship leader & songwriter, Story Church, USA

robert"It's simple, thoughtful, and useful for worshippers and worship teams... it is evident that much study, experience and love has gone into creating this resource. Study, practice it and glorify God!!"

- ROBERT MARTIN, worship leader & songwriter, Hosanna Youth, India

eric-dyeThe Worship Kenbook crosses denominational lines and is a helpful and insightful read for worship leaders, choir members, drummers—everyone participating in leading corporate worship.
In fact, some worship leaders might want to consider using this as required reading (all or parts) for their worship team!"
- ERIC DYE, human rights advocate and editor of 'Church Mag'


"Great learning and encouragement for worship leaders. I love the simplicity and personal sharing, which I am sure all will be able to relate with."
- LENNY SOARES, worship leader & songwriter, Living Waters, India
onlinebook"If you want a book to help revive your worship team or learn the basics on how to start one from scratch, this is the book for you."

Sounds great, so how do I get my copy?

Despite its wide range of content, The Worship Kenbook is a quick first-time read, but a lifelong re-read! This is a resource that you can always refer, to build and maintain an anointed praise and worship ministry that edifies your church.

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